The One About the New iPhone

Yes, I will be buying the new top-of-the-line iPhone.

I don’t care about the rumoured $1,000+ price tag because it’s all relative.

Does anyone really pay full price for their mobile phones anymore?

With the advent of the pay-as-you-go plan, much like a car lease, who cares about the actual cost of the phone?

Right now, I’m paying ~$40 for my iPhone 7 Plus with 256gb of storage. This phone’s full price is listed at $969. If the new “iPhone X” costs $1,000+, then I’m only really expecting to pay $5-7 more a month for it.

So, really, why is everyone complaining about the cost of the high-end phone?

Percevied value.

Apple is pretty good at the Perceived Value game. How many times have you debated between the iPhone x and the iPhone x Plus? Is the value of a better camera and bigger screen really worth the perceived $100+ increase in price?

Stop looking at it like that. You’re not buying the phone at full price anymore. Instead, think about if it’s worth the extra $5-7 a month more on your phone bill.

That’s the future.

With all that being said, I’m looking forward to watching the story of the new devices unfold at the Keynote today. With Apple, it’s always about the show and the presentation, and that’s what sells the product.

Plus, I’m anxious to see what the new Steve Jobs Theater looks like! That’s the real story of today…

Back After These Messages

This morning I made the decision to put my microcast, Sync in Progress on hiatus.

Really, I want to focus more on writing (both long and short-form), but ultimately it’s because starting next week, my time is going to be limited because of my new job.

The way I usually approach recording a microcast (or a podcast for when I was doing that) is that I like to record “in the moment” - meaning what you hear is how it was recorded. No editing (except for breaks for music when I was podcasting). Sure, I probably recorded it a hundred times, but the take you hear is not edited in any way (minus post-production effects, etc.).

With writing, it’s more of a multi-step process. I usually outline my thoughts in Standard Notes (a fantastic, secure, notes service), and then start my draft in Ulysses. From there, I can write, and if I need to stop I can. Then, I can come back to it and not feel bad (because my readers won’t know the difference).

Anyway, I’m sure in a few weeks, once I get in and settled at the new job, I’ll pick the microcast back up and all will be well. For now, though, I feel I made the right decision and honestly, I feel better.

A (Not So) Missed Opportunity

It’s really amazing how things always tend to work out for certain people.

I feel like I’m one of them.

Recently (July 2017), I lost my job with my employer of two years (who I will not mention due to an agreement I signed saying I wouldn’t publicly say bad things about them for a year).

This was really the first time in my life that I would be without a job and not had some sort of backup. In 2005, I was able to start working for my Dad when the Wynn Las Vegas decided to close the space I was working in. In 2010, I was extremely fortunate enough for a friend (RIP Doug) that allowed me to work for him when my personality conflict with one of my managers at Apple led to my departure from there (Ironically, we’re actually friends now…who knew?).

I was out of work for a little bit more than a month. Note I said “out of work” not out of a job. I made it my job to wake up in the morning and apply for every single position I saw that would afford me the work and pay that met or exceeded what I was previously doing.

Now, I didn’t think I set my expectations that high. I was looking for at least a Tier II or Lead position at an IT Help Desk or Support Center that paid me more than $19.40 an hour. Of course, I preferred a salaried position, but would settle for a decent hourly job.

I was offered a couple of positions that matched the title, but not the pay. I applied, and was one of the final candidates, for an IT Manager position at one of the new boutique hotels that opened here in Nashville, but no luck. I applied for a similar position at one of the other new hotels, went through the interview process, but didn’t hear anything for a bit.

In the middle of all of this, I was offered, and accepted, a position for a managed services company that really has a great concept and a great work environment. It didn’t match the title I wanted, but the pay was pretty great for the work that I’d be doing.

Essentially, this company is a hired back-office staff for small companies that don’t quite need their own HR/Accounting/Finance/IT department. I’d be one of three members of the IT team that reports directly to the CIO of the company (who is included in the 3-man team).

I started there on August 14th.

On August 16th, I received a phone call from the HR Director at the other hotel that I applied and interviewed at, and was offered the position of IT Manager for both the “main” hotel, and their new boutique hotel that was opening later this year.

I was in the hallway at the, now, interim job and just so happened to be looking at a mirror when the job was offered to me and I was told my salary.

I was basically Peter in this:

Surprised Peter Griffin

Anyway, I start on September 5th, and I have no idea how I’m going to tell my current boss that after four days I’m leaving.

C’est la vie.

UPDATE - Told the current boss. He was actually really cool with it. He said he wasn’t mad at me, but more mad at the fact that he had to go find someone else that he likes. It made me feel good. My last day is on or before Friday.

UPDATE 2 - Last day is definitely Friday, 8/25. The “runner-up” for my current position was hired today, and starts Monday. I get a nice week off before the next job…like I need it after six weeks “off”…

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