Back After These Messages

This morning I made the decision to put my microcast, Sync in Progress on hiatus.

Really, I want to focus more on writing (both long and short-form), but ultimately it’s because starting next week, my time is going to be limited because of my new job.

The way I usually approach recording a microcast (or a podcast for when I was doing that) is that I like to record “in the moment” - meaning what you hear is how it was recorded. No editing (except for breaks for music when I was podcasting). Sure, I probably recorded it a hundred times, but the take you hear is not edited in any way (minus post-production effects, etc.).

With writing, it’s more of a multi-step process. I usually outline my thoughts in Standard Notes (a fantastic, secure, notes service), and then start my draft in Ulysses. From there, I can write, and if I need to stop I can. Then, I can come back to it and not feel bad (because my readers won’t know the difference).

Anyway, I’m sure in a few weeks, once I get in and settled at the new job, I’ll pick the microcast back up and all will be well. For now, though, I feel I made the right decision and honestly, I feel better.

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